Live Betting: The Cheat Code in Online Betting Platforms

Live Betting: The Cheat Code in Online Betting Platforms post thumbnail image

Online sportsbook’s biggest achievement in the gambling industry is probably live bets. These platforms have made it very easy for bettors to bet on whatever live game is going on at the moment. Live bets have changed the way many bettors gamble, many just prefer betting on in-play games rather than going through the hassle of creating bet slips on upcoming games. 

Any feature that allows bettors to gamble profitably and without stress would always be welcomed with open arms. And for now, the live bets feature is currently satisfying most bettors’ taste for profit. Real-time betting and in-play betting are other names for this feature. Therefore, the live betting feature basically allows bettors to gamble on events that are already in play. 22Bet Ghana has created a platform that has placed all the numerous live games at the feet of bettors. 

It is very easy to detect a bookmaker that is offering live bets to its customers. From the homepage, you can easily know, as all the live games currently underway are displayed there. So, if you are able to effectively monitor the game, choosing an outcome becomes very easy. Live betting involves watching the game and placing bets on a possible outcome while the game is still in play. For this reason, many bettors refer to it as a cheat code in online betting sites. 

The Top Sporting Options for Live Bets 

Live Bets 

Not every sport you see on a bookmaker’s website is available for live betting. However, they do try their best to provide top options for bettors who love the adrenaline rush that comes with live betting. Moreover, sports with the highest number of markets are usually the best for playing live games. Some of the sports that fall into this category include.



Football is the most popular sport in the world, making it the number one option for live betting. Furthermore, it has so many games being played in real-time, thus increasing the number of permutations bettors can choose. Also, it is important you only play live bets on sports you are familiar with or watch. Therefore, using your football expertise to your advantage can help you win more bets. 


Live betting is like an adrenaline rush, so it goes perfectly with sports that are fast-paced and highly intense. Basketball fully fits this description as it is a high-scoring sport. For example, in some games, you can find both teams having more than 100 points each on the scoreboard. So, highly intensive games like basketball are good for live betting.


Boxing is one combat sport that is perfect for live bets. The markets are very limited, but it does make up for it in its profitability. Live betting on round after round of a fight could amount to a reasonable profit.

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