Will Starburst XXXtreme satisfy Starburst fans?

Will Starburst XXXtreme satisfy Starburst fans? post thumbnail image

Starburst XXXtreme manages to retain most of what made Starburst popular – with perhaps one exception.

The picture and sound side is pretty much identical to Starburst, just with XXXtreme added to the logo. If you played Starburst for the spacey background sound and the colored crystals, you will not be disappointed with Starburst XXXtreme.

The speed is still high, although the bonus features take a little longer as multipliers and random wilds have been added. Since these features can trigger big prizes, most players probably don’t mind playing 1 or 2 less spins per minute.

The bonus function – i.e. the expanding Starburst symbols – is also triggered, according to our test, almost as often as in Starburst, about once a minute. However, it seems that there has been longer between Starburst on two reels, but since it can trigger really big prizes in Starburst XXXtreme compared to Starburst, it is understandable that the frequency has been reduced.

The price for the higher prize chances has become that you can only win from left to right rather than winning from both sides as you can in Starburst. While in Starburst you still had the chance to win, even if no combinations came on the first 2 reels, in Starburst XXXtreme you can quickly determine if the spin has been wasted. Starburst XXXtreme partially addresses the problem by adding random wilds, but there are undoubtedly many players who will miss the winning combinations from reels 3, 4 and 5.

This also means that you don’t win quite as often in Starburst XXXtreme as you do in Starburst. Whether you prefer many small prizes or fewer larger prizes is ultimately a matter of taste.

All in all, Starburst XXXtreme manages to carry on most of the elements that made Starburst a success, but it’s still an open question whether fans of Starburst will switch to the extreme version or return to the classic after trying the new game.

Starbust XXXtreme Free Spins

Starbust XXXtreme Free Spins

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