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In connection with odds betting at the online bookmakers, tipsters choose to follow different strategies such as the Henze system. Here there are certain people who believe that it is best to play on good games at odds of 1.10 – 1.30. Of course, you choose to assess whether they are good games or not, but we also look at that with this system where you go for the win by playing at odds with a low risk. You can read all about it below.

The Henze system – game tips and tricks

This system is primarily based on following simple principles and betting with a low risk. Here, it is first important to understand how the odds are connected, and you can read about that by reading further below.

Who can follow this system?

Most people can follow this system. As I said, it follows a simple principle, and that is to play at low odds. The low risk is perhaps especially aimed at beginners. If you haven’t played a lot of sports betting, you can consider following the Henze system if it suits you. If this is the first time you follow an odds system, it might also be a good starting point.

How are odds calculated?

A bookmaker uses robots and data to analyze how likely it is that an outcome will take place. The lower the odds, the greater the probability that the outcome is most likely.

Perhaps it may sound complicated, but it is not necessarily so. In Europe we primarily play with decimal odds. In fact, they are often called European odds and since you are probably sitting in Europe, we focus on those odds. However, you can follow similar principles with fractional odds or American odds.

Focus on low odds of 1.10-1.30

Focus on low odds

Let’s assume that there is a football match between Brøndby and FCK. In this hypothetical scenario, the bookmaker has assessed that Brøndby is the favorite with odds of 1.30, a draw stands at odds of 2.50 and FC Copenhagen stands at odds of 1.75. In this hypothetical case, it is the team from Vestegnen that are the biggest favourites. Not only are they the biggest favourites, they are also low odds and therefore, according to the Henze system, there is a low risk.

What is the Henze system all about?

The Henze system focuses on betting on low odds, i.e. odds with a low risk. How low it is can of course vary, but most people will think it is between 1.10 and 1.30.

The Henze system in brief

Henze system in brief

When you start with the Henze system, you must determine the amount you want to play for. Then you have to find the sports bet you want to bet on. Here you must bet the entire amount on the low odds. Let’s assume that you play for DKK 150 on Brøndby at odds of 1.30. Here it will look like this:

  • Start with DKK 150.
  • Bet the DKK 150 at odds 1.30 on Brøndby winning against FCK.
  • Wait for the match to be settled.

After that, you have to wait for the match to start. Hopefully you win on your sports bet. You never know, but we’ll assume you’ve won so we can move on to the explanation.

After your first bet, find a new sports bet. Here you must place your initial amount as well as your winnings from the previous match. This means that in this case it would be DKK 150 plus any winnings. In other words, you would go all-in on your next bet.

Here you choose whether you want to follow that strategy. Some people may be uncomfortable with going all-in and betting the entire block. It is of course entirely up to you. Others feel that there is not a big risk, since odds of 1.10 – 1.30 are being bet on with a minimal risk. There will always be a risk, as it is not possible to predict the outcome of, for example, a football match.

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