Higher volatility on Starburst XXXtreme

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When you play Starburst you win very often, but the prizes are not that big. This means that the slot machine has a low volatility – you can play for a long time without your balance going up or down very much. At Starburst XXXtreme you have the chance to win higher prizes, but the price is of course that you won’t win quite as often. On average, Starburst returns 96.1% of stakes in winnings, while Starburst XXXtreme has an RTP of 96.26. So a little more of the stake goes to prizes in Starburst XXXtreme, but due to the higher volatility, you will often find that you win less in a playing session. You do this because, in turn, you can win larger amounts when you finally hit one of the high wins.

In Starburst, you can win up to 50,000 coins on a single spin. If you bet DKK 5 per spin, you can therefore win up to DKK 250,000. In Starburst XXXtreme, multipliers of up to 150x have been added on re-spins, and you can win up to 200,000 coins on a single spin. If you bet DKK 5 per spin, so you can win DKK 1 million.

Buying XXXtreme spins guarantees a wild

XXXtreme spins

In Starburst XXXtreme you can buy yourself XXXtreme spins. When you buy these XXXtreme spins, you are guaranteed a column of Starburst wil symbols. It cost 10 times the bet to get a column of Starburst symbols on reels 2, 3 or 4, while buying Starburst symbols on 2 of the columns for 95 times the bet. It sounds expensive, but actually the payback percentage is higher when you buy these bonus features than when you play normally.



Starburst XXXtreme is overall a good further development of the classic Starburst. It has kept all the good things that characterize the Starburst game and the related magical universe with colorful colors and bangs. The gaming experience itself has been intensified, as there is more at stake – understood to mean that there are fewer chances to win, but on the other hand, the winnings are much greater. The volatility is higher than in the original Starburst. As something new, you can buy yourself XXXtreme spins, which guarantee you that you will land on at least one wild – but you can also buy yourself several. A wild also gives a free spin. If you therefore want all the good things from the classic Starburst game, and if you want the excitement taken to new heights at the same time, Starburst XXXtreme is an obvious choice for you.

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